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Certified Blissborn Educators


Homer, AK

Jan Dullinger, CMS-CHt, BHE
Hypnotherapy Services of Homer
(907) 399-3838


San Diego, CA

Michele Devore, CMS-CHt, BHE
619) 261-7844

San Francisco, CA, and
Beverly Hills, CA

Jeanie Lee, CHt, NLP, BHE
Jeanie Yi Lee Hypnotherapy
(310) 490-4866

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Marion Oldenhage, CCHt, BHE
(510) 461-0038

San Luis Obispo, CA

Anita B. Henry, CMS-CHt, BHE
Quiet Star Center for Transformation
(805) 244-6756

Santa Cruz, CA

Caitlin Clarke, DC, BD


Denver, CO

Kimberly Lewark-Love, CMS-CHt, BHE
(303) 956-8840

Denver, CO

Jennifer Welch, CHt, BHE
(303) 393-1062

Durango, CO

Kevin Jones, RN, CHt, BHE
Deeper Solutions Hypnotherapy
(970) 946-3471

Idaho Springs, CO, and surrounding mountain communities

Helen Patz, M.Ed, CMS-CHt, BHE
(303) 725-3108


Orlando, FL

Elisabeth Alphonse-Katen, CHt, BHE
(407) 967-9462

Orlando, FL

Sandy Drenner, CHt, BHE
(407) 453-2613

Palm Beach and Broward Counties, FL

Lisa Kelly, LMT, Ht, BHE
Amazing Births & Red Tent Wellness
(561) 865-5791


Atlanta, GA

Debra McNab, MS-CCHT, BHE
(404) 425-9502


Wailuku, HI (Maui)

Leigh A. Wagner, CMS-CHt, BHE
Dynamic Focus Hypnotherapy
(808) 954-0647


West Des Moines, IA

Janelle M. Bailey, PT, CHt, BHE
(417) 848-7413


Portland, Auburn and Lewiston, ME

Sue Champagne, CMS-CHt, BHE
(207) 212-3893

Maryland and DC

Silver Spring, MD

Nicole Maisel, BHE

Silver Spring, MD, and Washington, DC

Sara Shelley, M.A., CHt, BHE
Calm Birthings
(301) 681-3459

Rockville, MD, and Washington, DC

Melody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHE
Hypnotherapy Center, LLC
(301) 758-5844


North Attleboro, MA

Emily C. Pavidis, CH, BHE
One Love Childbirth Services
(508) 783-2530

Boston and South Shore, MA

Brittany Sanders, RN
(617) 620-8573

Braintree, MA

Nancy Wainer, CPM, BHE
Birthday Midwifery
(781) 449-2490

Scituate, MA

Jessica Boylen, CHt, BHE
(617) 412-0625


Las Vegas, NV

Janet Golden Balzer, CHt, BHE
(303) 709-0161

Las Vegas, NV

Elijah D. Love, CHt, BHE
Las Vegas Hypnosis
(702) 806-1745

New Hampshire

Derry, NH

Diane Gill, CHt, BHE
Fusion Hypnotherapy Solutions
(603) 505-5783

New Jersey

Jersey City, NJ

Dana Gonzales, BHE


New Mexico

Albuquerque and Placitas, NM

Karen Melody Shatar, Cert. Nurse-Midwife, CHt, BHE
Inner Vision Hypnotherapy
(505) 771-8152

Albuquerque, NM

Michele Davidson, CMS-CHt, BHE
Davidson Therapeutic Solutions, LLC
(505) 363-8282

Albuquerque, NM

Norma Pare, RN, CHt, BHE
(505) 504-5304

Albuquerque, NM

         Jennifer L. West, LM, CPM, TBMP, CH ,CST, IPE, BHE
         Albuquerque Homebirth
         (505) 294-4359

Albuquerque, Corrales & Rio Rancho, NM

         Kathleen Harvold, BHE
         Illuminated Birth and Wellness
         (505) 803-1543

Las Cruces, NM

Carol Hillger, CHt, BHE
Heart and Soul Hypnotherapy
(575) 644-4893

Santa Fe, NM

Julie Bastine, CHt, BHE
(505) 670-1106

Santa Fe, NM

Michelangelo Stanchi, CHt, BHE
(505) 310-3785

Santa Fe, NM

Patty Williams, RN, CHt, BHE
(913) 645-0294

Tijeras, NM

Beth Provost, CHt, BHE
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Espanola, NM

Charmaine Quintana, CHt, BHE
(520) 405-0173

New York

East Hampton, NY

Nan Dillon, CH, BHE
East Coast Hypnosis Center
(613) 875-8400

New York, NY

Karla Lightfoot, CMS-CH, BHE
Blissborn NYC
(917) 207-3681

New York, NY

Lisa Ludovici, CMS-HP, FIBH, BHE
Blissborn NYC
(646) 402-6311

North Carolina

Winston-Salem, NC

Marcelle Carter Hammer, CHt, BHE
Forsyth Integrative Therapy
(336) 768-7000

North Dakota

West Fargo, ND

Brandi Spray, BHE
Natural Birth Fargo
(701) 367-6962


Oklahoma City, OK

Ronda Gray, MS, CHt, CRC, CEAS, BHE
Dynamic TranceFormations Consulting
(405) 831-3963

Stillwater, OK

Paige Wacker, CHt, BHE
(405) 564-4766


Easton, PA

          ReBecka Bossons, CHt, BHE
          Tender Empowerment
          (484) 373-9990          

Gettysburg, PA

Christine Goodacre, M.Ed., CHt, BHE
(717) 398-9610


Austin, TX

Pam Yagjian Krewson, MS, CHt, BHE
Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions
(512) 422-3380

Corpus Christi, TX

Cindy Eagleton, CHt, BHE
(832) 922-2018


Salt Lake City, Utah

Ane Axford, MS, LMFT, CH, BHE
Sensitive + Thriving
(385) 288-9399


Burlington and Central Vermont

Lauren N. Akin, CHt, BHE
(505) 228-3741


Northern Virginia

Melody Williams, CMS-CHt, BHE
(301) 758-5844


Bellingham and Seattle, WA

Jeni Miller, CMS-CHt, BHE
Heart Harmonics Hypnotherapy
(206) 782-6928

Seattle, WA

Dr. Barbara Dailey, DNP, ARNP, CMS-CHt, BHE, FIBH
Supportive Therapies, PLLC
(206) 739-6712

Seattle, WA

Marilyn Buchanan, CHt, BHE
Center of the Universe Hypnotherapy
(206) 778-3997

East Seattle and Cle Elum-Ellensburg, WA

Nancy Kluth Wibbleman, CHt, CMS, NLP, BHE, FIBH
(253) 335-4947

North Sound area and Greater Seattle, WA

Kathleen Boehm, RN, CCHt, BHE
Puget Sound Hypnotherapy
(360) 653-3803

Olympia, South Puget Sound, Lacey, Tumwater, WA

Pat Sonnenstuhl, RN, Cert. Nurse-Midwife, CHt, BHE
Peaceful Birthing
(360) 943-8933

Olympia, WA

Rebecca Ellisor, CD, CHt
Born in Ecstasy
(360) 481-0299


Cardwell, Australia

Morna Duggan, CHt, BHE
0 7 0740 668333
(425) 636-8301



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Tokyo, Japan

Karen Mattison, CHt, BHE
Tokyo Hypnotherapy