If you're looking for a homestudy program to use in your labor and birth, you can learn more here.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve put a lot of thought and research into this, as you do to a lot of aspects of your life. You want the most comprehensive and effective training available.
  • You believe in birth as a natural experience that is not typically a medical emergency. You want a calm, natural birth and you know that, with the right support, you’re capable … but you’re nervous about pain or losing control in labor.
  • Perhaps you’ve seen birth documentaries like The Business of Being Born, and experienced a kind of awakening. You’ve realized that in order to avoid interventions and give yourself the best chance of having a natural birth, you will need to prepare differently.
  • Being smart, intellectual and analytical has served you well, but this is different – you have begun to understand that to truly be in control in labor, it will not be through your intellect. Birth is in the realm of the heart, body and spirit. It is primal.
  • You want your partner to be an integral part of the birth, to feel connected and important and to know just what to do to be effective as your supporter and your advocate! You also look forward to spending dedicated time with your partner each week preparing for your journey into parenthood.
  • You can see being successful at really using your materials on your own, and you like the convenience of a home study program.
  • Working with a live teacher just isn’t in the cards for you right now (we still think working with a teacher is the very best way to learn these skills).

About the Blissborn Homestudy Program

Blissborn is a unique childbirth course that emphasizes your body’s natural wisdom for relaxation and natural pain control, as well as special techniques to resolve fear and health challenges.

Here are just some of the things you can look forward to…

  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about birth, labor and delivery, including how to handle the unexpected and what your options are after the baby arrives.
  • You’ll train your mind and body to profoundly relax anywhere, any time, instantly.
  • You’ll work through fears (and we all have them).
  • You'll connect deeply with your partner, who receive training to be your supporter, protector, and coach.
  • And you’ll experience personal growth and success from the very first class.

If you want to know more about what's in a Blissborn course, you can find it right here. Make sure you take a look at the materials, too, to view some sample pages from our comprehensive, 250-page manual!

This comprehensive training is devoted to preparing you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the birth of your baby – on your terms.

This is the only class you'll need.

You’ll receive materials for five classes that include activities, hypnosis, and support materials.

Here’s what’s included in the homestudy program:

  • The Blissborn Movie: The Blissborn Movie will show you a new world of possibilities, through real couples who share their births and their stories.
  • Homestudy Manual: A 250-page comprehensive Blissborn Manual provides the most relevant and up to date information available. Information is the key to confidence, and understanding what’s really important for your labor and birth.
  • Homestudy Class CDs: Five audio classes, which follow the book, take you and your partner through learning all about your tools for creating a peaceful labor and birth together, in a fun and easy format. You'll learn lots of interesting things about yourselves, your mind, and your body. And you'll learn important skills and tools to create a birth you'll love!
  • Homestudy Hypnosis CDs: Six Blissborn self-hypnosis practice CDs create the perfect environment for you to get really good at quickly entering the perfect state for a relaxed and comfortable labor and birth. Each practice session takes about 20 minutes – that’s it! One of the CDs is designed for you to listen to in labor, as well.
  • Plus some fun extras...like clothespins to help you work with your pain control techniques, a big handy shopping bag, and a Blissborn pen.

Just like learning to type or drive a car, the more you practice the easier it gets! Preparing for labor has never been so relaxing before.

So, you’re interested. How do you proceed?

If you’re sure the Blissborn Homestudy course is right for you, order it early to ensure you’re ready to begin at the right time.

We recommend starting the class 2 or 3 months before your due date – anytime in the early third trimester.

Choose a schedule that works for you and your birth partner (who should listen to all classes, too) at a time when the two of you can spend dedicated time without distractions.

BONUS: If your doula, midwife, OB or other birth assistant hasn’t yet worked with a Blissborn birth, invite them to sit in! They’ll enjoy learning more about your birth choice and they’ll be fully trained in supporting you in your beautiful birth!

Get your Blissborn Homestudy Program now. You can order the Homestudy program on Amazon.com.

Once you’ve ordered your Blissborn Home Study Program, we’ll ship it to you and you’ll be ready to begin your life-changing journey!

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Every aspect of Blissborn's Homestudy Program has been designed to be easy to understand, interesting, enlightening, and extraordinarily valuable. We have trained parents in the U.S. and around the world, and have lots of satisfied customers. Read some of their stories here. Another important aspect of your training is that our customer service and attention to detail are unsurpassed, and your satisfaction with your birth is our top priority. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, every step of the way, starting now!

Ready to invest in your birth experience?

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