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Sending now! Look for an email from WeTransfer.com in a few minutes. The link will be good for a week.

Also, I’m sending a separate email with a postpartum track on it to the class. The Rainbow relaxation (Track 2) will be nice for you. Save the postpartum track for later, though!

There are lots of things that can help… and some things to think about. This struggle may be one of your greatest learning tools. I had a mentor once tell me, when a struggle comes up you must always thank it for being your kind teacher. :)

in labor, you’ll need to find ritual, routine, sounds, movements…deep breath, breathing deeper and deeper, or imagining breath sweeping through you, can be a good way to go, too. Music can be amazing. Dance, sway, sing. Find your moan, roar…it’s as individual as you are and very much your own journey.

There’s also a meditation technique that might interest you — going into the pain even more. Finding all the parts of it, the edges of it, exploring it. Going into the pain itself can be a good distraction, if you can really get lost in what you’re doing. And sometimes in birth, we need to move into the discomfort and commit to it, to progress. I think this one might be a really good exercise for you, because I don’t want you to only have escaping as your plan. The more you work with it and deal with it, the better your tool box. I would like you to try this and get back to me on it. See what you can do with it. It’s a little like Transformation, but a deeper level of the skill set. I’m curious to hear about your experience with it.

In the Eagle’s Eye recording, really get into the feeling of flying…endorphins! And it’s all about sharp focus and the bigger picture. I love that one, and think it will be very relevant.

Keep this in mind, too: You can do ANYTHING for a little while. Mind your suffering. Notice your mind. Count and see if you can increase your time. The only way out of it is through it.

There’s a study that is super morbid but relevant. Ready? In South Africa, in the thick of the Apartheid, people were tortured. Some people were broken and destroyed by it. And some people survived, even thrived after. There was an in-depth study done on it. What they found was that the people who survived it found some means of control, no matter how small. They might wait five seconds before making a sound, or count to 10 before giving in. That small step was the difference between a broken spirit and a survivor. Now, please know that I don’t think your labor is going to be torture! But there are some human traits there that we can learn from. Another thing to think about as you work with going into the sensations. I would love to see you really dedicate yourself to this exploration. Report back! I’d love to hear what you come up with!

I think I might write a newsletter on this one. It’s a great topic! Glad you reached out :)

Let me know how it’s going. If you want to do any more work around it, we can find some time next week.



Hi Laura,

Thanks again for a wonderful Blissborn class series! As I mentioned at the end of class, I'm struggling with some of the comfort techniques. It seems like dissociation works pretty well, but the control panel techniques were a struggle--I tend to focus more on the pain using those and have a hard time toning it down.

Do you have advice on other techniques that might help to distract from pain? I'd love to have another option to get through general pregnancy discomfort and labor.

Thank you,

Ruth told me last night — I’m so sorry. How frustrating and upsetting. Start that disc right now! If you can get things moving yourself, you will require less medication. You can also talk to them about starting with a lower dose — depending on your situation, it might not be advisable, but you can discuss it. Use your hypnosis and relax into it, but start early! And know that you are still in control, and you can still have a beautiful, amazing birth. I’ve seen very intense labors with no pain medication, if that’s the mom’s goal. You can use your control panel to work with blood pressure (always do it in an open-ended way: as long as it’s best for me and my baby…) and to turn up your labor, to increase your comfort, to ripen your cervix, to open help with anything that comes up.

You have an incredible, amazing partner, and a strong and loving relationship. You two are a powerful team. And this baby is so strong and ready. Here are some affirmations you can keep in mind:

I am strong. I am powerful. My body moves forward easily and opens powerfully. I remain comfortable and calm because I know at the deepest level that I have everything I need inside of me. My calm heart beats slowly and gently every moment, reminding me that my deep breaths, deeper and deeper breaths, are moving quiet peace through my veins. Softly and gently, the peace I’m breathing in right now flows through me. I feel my slow, peaceful breath relaxing each of my toes…the bottoms of my feet…the arches of my feet… (continue with each body part)…

My cervix is soft and squishy, like squishy pink bubble gum. My body is ready. I accept each kindness and open more and more. I am so excited to meet my baby. The more I relax, the faster my baby will be in my arms. I deserve to have a wonderful birth, and I am creating that right now. I always do the best I can, and it’s always good enough. Our birth is perfect for us. We are resilient and flexible. My cervix is resilient and soft, and gently opens. I am comfortable with my baby moving down. I am comfortable and relaxed. Every movement, every breath, brings me closer to my baby, and so I breathe deep and slow. Deep and slow, as I powerfully bring my beautiful baby into this world. My body knows just what to do. I am amazing. i am a goddess. i am mighty. I relax because I am so strong that I can do anything. I am made for this. We are doing this together. All three of us are doing this together. We are a mighty team. We are surrounded in love. We are creating the perfect way for our baby to be born. I just go deeper and deeper. I am doing it just right. I love this baby with all that I am, and I give this baby all that I have. I would do all of this and more for our sweet baby. I have so much strength, a deep well of strength. I relax into each wave as I open and open and open and open. I am now letting go.

My baby is perfect and healthy and strong and ready. My baby’s lungs are strong and pink and ready. I am sending all of my power, all of my strength, all of my health and love to my baby right now, and we are doing this together. Each contraction is for my baby, and I welcome the movement, the opening, the power. i surrender to the powerful forces of my body as I bring my baby into my arms.

You two can work with these ideas and more. I would super-charge the hypnosis right now, honestly. The more you can get done yourself, the better! Please reach out if I can be of any assistance. You’ve totally got this. And you get to meet your baby so soon! What a lucky little person to land in your arms. I am very excited for you. You can do anything for a little while — and your prize at the end is going to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever accomplished. Keep that strong in your mind! You are so loved and supported, and you are going to have AN AMAZING BIRTH. I believe it!



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In-class documents

The latest versions of our support documents

Class 1 Intake form
This new form works well with other new stuff, including a release for the emails (see below). Customize -- for instance, you may not want to use the HIPAA portion. Just so you know: This is not a legal document. Run your own form of this by your lawyer to make sure you comply with the state and federal laws where you live.

Class 1 Notes
New! After each class, keep track of your students' progress on this confidential form. Find a couple of good affirmation words for each student. Use in the Class 5 hypnosis, where you have the option of adding in any words that will support your students.

Class 1 Receipt
A nice-looking paper receipt you can customize. You're the payee, FYI.

Class 1 Sign in
Have students sign in for each class on this sheet.

Class 5 Birth Preferences to email
New! Save this in a special spot to attach this Word document to your Class 5 email, to make it easier for students to create their Birth Preferences documents. For more info, see "Emails to parents," below, or click here to find those emails.

Class 5 Roster for students
To make it easier for students to share contact info with each other, have them fill out and take a picture of this, or make a copy for them.

Class 5 Top priorities (Use instead of cards)
New! Same as the Class 5 handout (to the left) for the Priority Sorting exercise.

Class 5 Top priorities cards (Or use handout)
This is the old version of the Priority Sorting exercise. If you still want to use it, print it on perforated business card stock to make it easy.

Date calculator wheel
Is yours getting a bit worn? Print a new one here.

Emails to parents
New! Send an email after each class to keep in touch, encourage homework completion, and provide valuable links to students. You can also click here to find these emails if you don't want to download.

Extra guest agreement
Slightly updated version. Again, just so you know: This is not a legal document. Run your own form of this by your lawyer to make sure you comply with the state and federal laws where you live.

Quiet Please door sign
New and pretty version to put on the door of the place you're teaching, to ask everyone to be quiet for you. Print this one in color


The latest versions of our Class Handouts

Class 1 Handout Let Go Trigger reminder
Updated! Pretty! Please print this new sign to replace the old version.

Class 2 Handout Ecstatic Birth article
The same article as before, but a bit more compressed.

Class 2 Handout Partner duties, affirmations
Updated a bit.

Class 3 Handout Facing Down Fear MOM
New Fear Processing Handout -- this one is more detailed. Check with Laura if you have questions. Print out one of these for each mom in your class, and print a separate one for each partner -- they have different examples on them (see below).

Class 3 Handout Facing Down Fear PARTNER
New Fear Processing Handout -- this one is more detailed. Check with Laura if you have questions.

Class 4 Handout Guest Comfort Techniques record
Updated a bit. Use with any extra guests (beyond the mom and her partner) attending this class.

Class 5 Handout Flyer to customize
Customize this one-page handout for students to share with their friends. Consider offering a discount here to friends and family.

Class 5 Handout Informed Consent cards
Pretty and functional. Just print on business card stock. You can also save the JPEG file from this document to create professional cards.

Class 5 Handout Letter for the provider
Slightly updated version. Feel free to customize with your own information.

Class 5 Handout Letter for the team
Slightly updated version. Feel free to customize.

Class 5 Handout Shh door sign
New and beautiful! Print this in color for your students, to remind others to keep it quiet on the birth day.

Class 5 Handout Survey
Slightly updated version. Customize this to answer your own questions about your classes. This is just for your use -- we don't ever collect these pages.

Class 5 Handout Top priorities Use instead of cards
Use this one-page handout instead of the cards in the Priority Sorting exercise. It's easier, and students can take their sheets home at the end.

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Blissborn Guidelines for use of Blissborn logo and materials
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Blissborn Logo B black
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Blissborn Logo flower background
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Blissborn Logo for a pen
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Blissborn Logo white background
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Blissborn Logo You're Built For a Better Birth
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Blissborn Website Favicon (the little icon on a website tab)
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Marketing documents

The latest versions of your marketing docs

Business cards JPEGs and instructions
New! Use these templates on a design site (we suggest Vistaprint.com -- look for coupons before buying!) to create nice business cards.

Business cards sheet Customize and print
New! You can use this page to print your own business cards.

Flyer to customize
The same as the handout, above. Consider customizing this one as a marketing tool.

Free MP3 general
New! A pretty card to order professional cards to use as a marketing tool. Directs clients to Blissborn.com for a free 10-minute download. We suggest doing a two-sided card, with your information on the back. Right-click on the picture to save this one as a JPEG (or JPG) file.

Free MP3 to customize
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Instructions for recording MP3
New! Use these helpful instructions to make your own free download for your own website, using the "Joyful Pregnancy" script below.

Joyful Pregnancy script
A script you can use to create your own MP3 file, or read live, at seminars.

Seminar 1 hour outline
Customize this updated outline to market your classes at free or low-cost events. Help people get to know you and understand more about what you're offering.

Seminar ideas
Marketing language for seminars. Updated.

Seminar sign in sheet
Use this updated sheet to gather attendees' information.

Talking points for Blissborn Movie
A few more things for you to know about, in case people ask.

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