Blissborn Hypnosis Educators (BHEs) are among the best-trained hypnosis childbirth educators in the world.

Blissborn's thorough instruction materials and strict standards for certification ensure that each expectant couple gets
the highest-quality birth hypnosis training available.

Benefits of being a Blissborn Hypnosis Educator

If you want to empower couples to take charge of their birth experiences in a way that is intuitive for them and deeply fulfilling for you, you're in the right place. Blissborn provides the methods, principles and materials for you to successfully reveal the secrets that every couple longs to learn about birthing their babies in the most loving, peaceful, comfortable way imaginable. Blissborn also provides support for educators in the form of marketing materials, a positive reputation that creates demand, ongoing personal and professional support, business guidance and regular updates. Success and fulfillment are easy when you join the right program!

Blissborn philosophy

Childbirth is directed by the subconscious mind through a combination of its programs and instincts. We realize that most adults have been subconsciously programmed to believe that birth is a painful and difficult emergency. The reality is that birth is a natural process and should be easier and more comfortable for most mothers.

Blissborn is a childbirth education class emphasizing the power of the mind to create a blissful birth. Once your students learn how to use self-hypnosis, they’ll unlock that power for themselves. As you’ll soon discover, hypnosis and childbirth are a perfect match. For every challenge childbirth presents, hypnosis has an answer. It’s fun and exciting to help your students find their own solutions.

Blissborn combines the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring class. It presents simple but powerful techniques to manage the seemingly paradoxical relationship between staying in control and simply allowing birth to happen. These techniques benefit the baby as well, by reducing the causes of distress and helping to create a calmness that often persists well into the first year. They benefit families by deepening the bonds that brought them to this high point in their lives. The result is a class series that not only improves birth, but also improves lives.

Most problems in the delivery room begin with negative programming and expectations (fear), too much involvement by the conscious mind, and reliance upon human interventions. The medical model does a good job of supporting the physical aspects of birth, but it often disregards the spiritual, emotional and social aspects. While a healthy mother and baby are always the main goal, birth can and should be so much more!

Self-hypnosis gives women a safe and natural way to:

  • Control sensations
  • Relax deeply
  • Shorten labor
  • Honor their instincts
  • Get in touch with spiritual, emotional and social needs
  • Deepen the bond with their babies
  • Release fears and increase confidence
  • Reprogram expectations
  • Create a subconscious blueprint for the desired birth
  • Reduce interventions and complications
  • Speed healing
  • Reduce postpartum depression

As an educator, you’ll teach parents how to go into hypnosis instantly with each contraction, in any situation — even opening their eyes and walking around. You can guide clients to their innate wisdom and power so that their childbirth experiences are more fulfilling on all levels.

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