"I absolutely adored the Blissborn instructor training with Blissborn co-founder Laura Wood! The approach is accelerated, extremely well organized and incredibly engaging. We covered a gigantic amount and I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. It’s clear that Laura’s extensive background and expertise in the psychology of learning and how the mind processes and stores information shaped the foundation and design of this class. Her approach facilitated the information to “sink in” at a lightning-fast pace. What’s more, I found myself almost immediately prepared to effectively communicate Blissborn lessons with students. The easy-to-navigate supporting manual makes reviewing the lessons simple and fun.  I walked away inspired and confident about my new skills as a Blissborn instructor. I also loved the distance-learning on-line format. I was able take the class from my living room while sipping my favorite tea!"

~Caitlin Clarke
Blissborn Educator in California


"I have been teaching Blissborn Natural Childbirth Classes for a number of years now and have been grateful for the opportunity.  The support from my peers and the founders of Blissborn has exceeded my hopes and expectations- as has the Blissborn curriculum.  The class is succinct, comprehensive, and incredibly well organized.  Each detail is intentional and well placed. The feedback I have received from my students has been exceptional. The Blissborn births that I have had the honor of attending have been beautiful.  Whether you are a prospective educator or student, there is so much that Blissborn can do for you!"

~Emily C. Pavidis, CH, BHE
Blissborn Educator in Massachusetts

"As a registered nurse and a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am in a unique position to evaluate the efficacy of complimentary programs.

I recently became certified as a Blissborn educator and taught my first course. I was truly amazed at the professionalism as well as the ease of the program. Not only did the program bring about a profound reframing of my beliefs surrounding the birth process; I also witnessed deep changes within the couple. A remarkable sense of calmness and confidence surrounded the couple as they left my office. They were ready to birth their baby using all the techniques Shelley and Laura developed within the program!

Some time ago, I was involved in another birth program using hypnosis and I must admit-there was NO comparison. Thank you both Shelley and Laura for this very remarkable program!"

~Norma Pare, RN, CHt, BHE
Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Blissborn Educator in New Mexico

"The Blissborn program is medically accurate, beautifully designed and professionally written. A new educator can have confidence that every lesson is organized, easy to present and full of vital information for parents. This is the most complete birthing program using hypnosis that I have ever seen. It is a joy to teach and offers the best option for families to experience birth in a gentle and meaningful way.

"Every mother deserves this training for her own well-being and every baby deserves this calm and loving way to enter the world."

~Dr. Barbara Dailey, DNP, ARNP, CCMSHt, FIBH, BHE
Doctor of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner
Blissborn Educator in Washington

"One of my recent Blissborn students said her labor and birth were the most incredible experience. She walked and talked the whole time, laughed and felt wonderful. She said she never had such control of her body. Three pushes and the baby was born. The doctor said it was so beautiful ...
I cried with joy for her! I love this work!"

~ Janet Balzer, Blissborn Educator in Colorado

"Some of the reasons I chose to become a Blissborn educator are because of how organized, relevant and beautiful the materials are; the quality of the techniques in the program; and the passion, integrity and professionalism you exude. Also, I am so grateful for the time you take to answer my questions and offer suggestions so that I have what I need to be effective in marketing, teaching and facilitating private sessions with moms."

~Jeni Miller, Blissborn Educator in Washington

"Probably the best set of curriculum documents I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen thousands)! You have done an outstanding job with a level of attention to detail that is generally ignored ... excellent work."

~Carl Ross, Jr., Retired Adult Educator

"I feel like I learned more from this program than I did in all the years I worked with pregnant patients in OB-GYN and General Practice!"

~Leigh Wagner, Blissborn Educator in Hawaii

"I love it and it's exactly what I need! I think the program is comprehensive, well organized and user friendly. The Parent Manual is very impressive and is a definite go-to book for any expectant parent ... I am exceedingly grateful to you for creating a hypnosis birthing program that I can promote with confidence."

~Diane Gill, Blissborn Educator in New Hampshire

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