We're happy that you found us and are considering teaching Blissborn. We have lots of information to share with you. 

Q: What is Blissborn?

A: Blissborn is a childbirth class and a philosophy about the power of the mind to create a beautiful birth experience. It's science-based, provider-friendly, and very well-organized. Classes are a mix of discussion, activities, and in-class hypnosis. Blissborn is the only class expecting couples need. Blissborn classes move fast and pack in lots of interesting information. It's all about trust and confidence through understanding, as well as profound relaxation and lots of tools. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find out more about the Blissborn philosophy and classes on our general FAQs page.

We welcome people who share our love of the miracle of birth and the power of hypnosis. Having experience with hypnosis and having studied it to some degree is very important in teaching Blissborn. It's also important to have a deep knowledge of childbirth. But don't worry, that's part of the training.

Q: What is the training program?

A: The Blissborn Training and Certification program provides everything you need to take parents from beginners to masters of self-hypnosis, with a deep understanding about birth and the body. We are excited to announce that our Educator training is now a live training, where we work together in person! Click here to see more about our training schedule.

You'll learn the foundational knowledge behind every concept Blissborn Educators teach in the realms of hypnosis and childbirth. You'll learn about guiding each class yourself, including the Fear class, which is amazingly powerful. You'll learn how to help your students create their own personal affirmations. You'll also learn how to guide the hypnosis sessions you'll do in class.

For your training, you will receive an Educator manual, a sample parent manual, a DVD with births and interviews to play for your clients, as well as an Educator Resources flash drive, containing all of your teaching and marketing tools. The Educator manual provides you with a road map for teaching all of the classes: suggested wording for every concept, activity, and script in the parent course (five classes that are usually 2.5 to 3 hours each). The materials are designed to the highest standards of curriculum development and are peer-reviewed for clarity and accuracy. Laura forms a personal relationship with each Educator, in order to support your success and fill in any blanks. We are always available to help you. Our teachers love this deeply nurturing support, and our Blissborn parents are having AMAZING births!

To support you after you've started teaching, you always have direct access to Laura, Jenny, and Rachel. You'll have access to a special part of the Blissborn website called "Club Ed," too, where we share the latest handouts and marketing materials. You also get to join the private Blissborn Educators' forums and networks on such social networking sites as Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can receive support and guidance from your BHE (Blissborn Hypnosis Educator) peers and share those beautiful birth stories! Once you're certified, you'll be added to the website listing and we will refer clients in your area to you. 

Q: How often and where do the Educator trainings take place?

A: This Educator class series takes place 2-3 times a year in various locations. We have August scheduled this year in Mexico, with more on the way!

Laura works directly with Educator candidates. See more about the schedule here.

Q: What makes me a good candidate to teach Blissborn?

A: First and foremost, a desire to help the world achieve better birth. Good candidates also have an interest in teaching, a belief in a woman's body, and a belief in the power of change and positive thinking. Candidates must be professional (not like business-suit professional; we want you to be courteous and detail-oriented), and able to clearly express ideas. We need our teachers to be kind, service-minded, and comfortable around people.

Kindred spirits with excitement about new ideas are the ones we want sharing Blissborn!

You should also know that we trust our Educators. We know you bring valuable life experience and hope you share it with your students. However, it's important that Educators do their work on their own issues, too. Class time should be all about your students' needs. Each class is designed to deliver at least an extra hour of material, and we hope you feel comfortable in deciding the right material to share with your students, based on their needs and interests.

We require that our Educators practice in a professional manner. If you were to ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, though, we are here to help you find your way out. We are completely dedicated to our Educators and their students, and form personal relationships with each Educator to ensure their needs are met.

One big requirement we have is that our Educators never cross-sell products or services to their students. The trust you build with each person must be based on your commitment to support them in their experience, and as a Blissborn Educator you must make this your main priority.

As far as professional requirements, a background in hypnosis and/or childbirth is a definite bonus. In our Educator training, we teach you everything you need to know to teach Blissborn, and it's probably different than anything you've learned before. The professional skills that you bring to the table add to your ability to teach well. At this time, the Educator training encompasses all levels of professionals. We have certified childbirth educators, counselors, midwives, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, doulas, and hypnotherapists, as well as professional moms.

Q: How do I get certified to teach?

A: The certification process is simple: 

  1. Contact us. We will discuss your training and interest in Blissborn, answer any questions, and make sure we're a good fit.
  2. Attend the training, and do the homework, which includes studying the educator and parent manuals, working on your skills and knowledge, practicing your teaching and hypnosis techniques, and becoming familiar with the parent hypnosis recordings. 
  3. Take a certification exam. This isn't meant to stress you out! You'll work with Laura on any answers that need clarification. 

Once you are certified, we add you to the website listing and give you your BHE certificate, which also means that you can write "BHE" after your name. Then, you are eligible to teach Blissborn classes. Blissborn is a transformational class in most peoples' lives. It's wonderful to see your students putting all they have learned into practice and having beautiful birth experiences. Hearing back from your couples about their births is the best part of this work. Blissborn educators often report that this is the most fulfilling and rewarding work they've ever done.

Q: What does the Educator training cost?

A: The Educator training and certification package (which includes all Educator materials, more than 14 hours of live, interactive classes in the form of distance learning, and lifetime support for as long as you're certified -- we really mean it!) is $1250 plus your own travel costs (we can help to set you up with a roommate, if you're interested). We want you to be successful at this! Our hope is that the training is priced so you can make up the cost within the first few classes you teach.

Fill out the form here to get more information or to get your training started.

Q: Once I'm certified, how do I start teaching?

A: You'll purchase parent materials from Blissborn: Before you start each class, order one set per couple. These are available through the Blissborn website's store (with special educator-only access to the parent materials). Each parent set includes a Parent Manual, a flash drive containing six hypnosis recordings (one for each class and one for labor) and two bonus recordings ("Time to Move" and postpartum recordings), all handouts, three clothespins, a pen, temporary tattoos, and a bag to carry everything. We offer a 10% discount available for six or more sets. You can package the cost of materials into the class price or tuition you charge to your couples.

Q: How much do couples pay for classes?

A: You set your own tuition -- check your local market for an idea of what will work in your area. We recommend keeping class size at six couples or fewer so you can customize the class for your students' needs.


More questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the program. If you are interested in the next steps, please let us know. We would like to get to know you, too!

We feel it's important that our Educators are a good fit for the program, and we're looking forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to reach out, even if you're not sure. We won't put any pressure on you -- that's a promise. Click below to find out more.