I am the authority in my life
Are the people in your life doubting you, or questioning your choices? Who gets to say what's important?

Don't let her talk to you that way (Part 1)
Have you ever thought about the connection between self-esteem and anxiety?

Don't let her talk to you that way (Part 2)
This one is about being kind to each of your parts, and parenting yourself better.

The search for meaning
How trauma can create a search for what it all means, and how we can guide this process.

Dress to impress...yourself
A neat way to think about using the power of your imagination to create more good feelings.

The importance of partners
After Shelley's divorce, she discovered even more powerfully how much good partners mean -- in birth and in life.

What is the price of dreaming?
That moment of disappointment if you don't get something you've been hoping for. Is dreaming big worth it?

I drank the Kool-Aid
After a health scare, Laura found herself buying into the hospital treating her as if she was fragile. She explores how treating labor like a sickness might this affect a mom in labor.

WWAHGD? (What would a hunter-gatherer do?)
Going back to our roots -- our genes haven't changed in over 20,000 years (maybe more). Are we asking too much of our babies, considering our hunter-gatherer tendencies?

Feel less (or no) pain in labor & birth (Part 1)
Explore a little deeper into Blissborn's philosophy around pain -- how we think about it and what can be done to change your perception of it.

Feel less (or no) pain in labor & birth (Part 2)
The next piece of the puzzle. Something to think about... how do you suffer?

Why on earth would you choose a natural birth?
A pertinent question. One that not everyone has thought about...have you?

Welcome to Blissborn
A recipe for Labor-ade, and some pointers.