We believe that with the right education, it can be an easier, more comfortable and more empowering experience for women and families.

The Blissborn Natural Birth Method is the right childbirth class for parents who believe this too.

Most adults have been subconsciously "programmed" to believe that birth is a painful and difficult emergency. Think about every movie you've seen that deals with birth -- they're full of good drama, but not good "programming" for our minds. This is unfortunate because the more frightened moms are, the harder birth becomes.

Childbirth is directed by the subconscious mind through a combination of programs and instincts.

Your instincts are right-on, but your "programs" may not be ... and that's not your fault!

Most problems in the delivery room begin with negative programming and negative expectations (fear), too much involvement by the conscious mind, and reliance upon interventions. Labor doesn't work well in this kind of situation.

This makes sense--when an animal feels unsafe in labor, her labor stops and she moves to a safer place, where her labor starts up again. We are no different. And in our society, LABOR is thought of as an unsafe situation. So what's a body to do?

While a healthy mother and baby are always the main goal, birth can and should be so much more!

We believe that you have the power to create a blissful birth on your own terms. You may not yet know how to do that, but you do have everything you need. Once you learn how to use a few tools, including Blissborn self-hypnosis (a natural mind-body connection), you’ll unlock your birth power.

For every challenge childbirth presents, Blissborn has an answer.

Blissborn combines the best of science, medical knowledge, mind-body therapy and childbirth education in a fun and inspiring course. It presents simple but powerful techniques to manage the seemingly paradoxical relationship between staying in control and simply allowing birth to happen.

Blissborn's proprietary techniques benefit the baby as well, by reducing the causes of distress and helping to create calmness in the baby that often lasts well into the first year.

Blissborn benefits families by deepening the bonds that brought them to this high point in their lives, by teaching lifelong skills, and by supporting them in their own wisdom.

Blissborn delivers a class series which not only improves birth, but also improves lives.

Our proprietary self-hypnosis and childbirth education program gives women a safe and natural way to:

  • Relax deeply before and during birth
  • Control sensations during birth
  • Shorten labor
  • Honor their instincts when working with healthcare staff
  • Get in touch with spiritual, emotional and social needs
  • Deepen the bond with the baby and partner
  • Let go of fears and increase confidence
  • Reprogram expectations
  • Create a subconscious blueprint for the desired birth
  • Reduce interventions and complications
  • Speed healing
  • Reduce postpartum depression by taking charge of your birth experience
  • Understand the stages of labor and birth so you feel incredibly prepared and empowered

Imagine knowing how to relax instantly with each contraction -- even while opening your eyes and walking around -- which can shorten your labor from the average 12+ hours to only 5 or 6 hours.

Imagine knowing what to expect and how to handle it, and having nothing to fear because you know your body is made to do this.

Imagine feeling truly confident, well-prepared, and even EXCITED about labor and birth, and how that confidence would squash your stress and up your joy in your last trimester.

It's absolutely possible.

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