Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself and Your Baby

Mary & Sam: "I can't recommend the Blissborn program highly enough. This was the most important thing we did to prepare for labor and delivery. I can't imagine having gone through my labor without this training. Blissborn taught me how to stay calm and focused and how to manage the sensations of labor. This program is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your baby."

Information is Invaluable

Leigh: "The information provided in the parent manual is invaluable. My girlfriend was checking it out the other day and she couldn't stop saying 'wow.' She was so impressed with how much was provided to the birth couples. She took two different birth preparation classes before having a home birth 18 months ago and said she still felt like she wasn't prepared enough. She's very excited about the program and will definitely use it for the next baby."

I Felt Calm and in Control

Yeni: "Having had a baby before, I had anxiety about this labor, about losing control and about the pain. After my first experience with hypnosis, I walked out of our session feeling like I had a massage, some therapy and a nice refreshing nap. I didn’t know if it would really help in labor because the pain in my previous labor was so intense, but at least I felt good with dealing with my everyday stress.

"In the beginning of labor, I practiced hypnosis, and kept using hypnosis as the contractions got stronger. We went to the clinic. I was 8 cm dilated and walked to the birthing center. I began to feel intense pressure. I started to get nervous as the contractions were building in intensity, thinking that I didn’t want to do this and that I wasn’t going to maintain control. I got into the tub and had my husband turn on the Blissborn Blissful Birth CD.

"I went into a deeply relaxed state with each contraction and felt calm and in control. I kept listening to the disc reminding me to relax and that I could do this. As the disc came to an end, my cervix opened completely with a push. Before I knew it, my little baby was crowning and floating up from the water, a four-minute pushing stage."

We are Calmer, Happier Parents

Ashley & August Delarue: "One of the best things Blissborn did for us was help us get into labor. A week overdue, I started using the hypnosis techniques to go into labor and that evening it worked! Going into labor naturally and without induction can make all the difference and I'm so glad I was able to use this technique.

"Blissborn far exceeded our expectations. For us, this was the best birth class we could have possibly taken. I loved the focus on a positive birth experience. Labor is certainly intense, but is arguably one of the most powerful and amazing things we experience in life.

"Using Blissborn birth hypnosis, I was so relaxed I didn't even know I was in real labor until I was 5 centimeters dilated. We went to the hospital and had the baby an hour later! Hypnosis allowed my husband and me to enjoy the birth and not fear it. My labor and delivery was much faster and easier than it was with my first child.

"Now, I'm using it for relaxation and rest during the early postpartum months! We are calmer, happier parents after using hypnosis for child birth and I think our baby is calmer and happier as a result. I am 100% confident that learning hypnosis will help us for the rest of our lives. I would highly recommend this class to any expectant parent, whether first time or fourth!"

Hypnosis Really Helped...Even with Pitocin

P. & R.: "The one thing that I kept thinking about was to keep calm and to relax even though I was getting Pitocin to induce the labor. The contractions got more intense and the hypnosis techniques really helped. I just relaxed and concentrated on what I needed to do for the baby. I know there were times during the strongest contractions when I considered taking additional pain relieving measures (i.e. epidural) when I got tired and lost my focus. But, with R. there to remind me of the techniques and use trigger words to re-focus me (like we learned in the class), I was able to make it through.

"In fact, I was so relaxed that I guess I was rested for the actual delivery. The doctor was only there for maybe 5-10 minutes, because M. was out with only two sets of pushes. R. and I were like, 'Is that it? That was so fast.'

"She was calm when she came out and just content to be in mom's and dad's arms. After the delivery I had so much energy (and probably a natural high).

"R. and I talked about the class and techniques we learned to every expecting parent that we know. I am still so glad because I was able to experience the feeling of M. being born. And that is a gift that I will have for the rest of my life."

Labor Just as Envisioned in Hypnosis

Sean & Dana: "Dana went into labor and it lasted just as long as she has been envisioning in hypnosis - 6 hours. Dana delivered all naturally ... The hypnosis really helped, and it was amazing to watch Dana deliver the baby in such a short time. Everyone was very impressed by the labor and delivery. Thanks for all your classes, we think that they were extremely helpful."

Truly Magical

Mark & Jocelma: "Thank you!! You, and what you taught us, have been a very important part of our lives and process as we build our family. We think of you often with much gratitude, and appreciation of your caring beauty. This labor and birth happened over a 3 hour period. We actually didn't know it was happening until the last 15 minutes or so. Jocelma put on one of your CDs and got in the tub to relax, and a few minutes later I got in and delivered the baby. Truly magical ... I am happy for all the lucky people that will receive your care."

Hero to All Pregnant Women

N. & J.: "You helped me achieve so much with my labor, and helped me reach the goal and the labor that I had always dreamed of! J. and I were the talk of the hospital that morning and all of my nurses were amazed at how in-tune we were with each other during the whole process, and that I had NO interventions! . . .

"[The birth] was just amazing!! Our family is calling us 'team Jones' because we all worked together, and in such good spirit. My mother in-law also claims that I am a hero to all pregnant women, and to her.

"Once again, J. and I both thank you for your help with this blessing. Our love goes out to you."

I Even Fell Asleep Once

Kate & Geoff: "The hypnosis really helped me through labor. I was surprised how relaxed I was during the early and active phase . . . I think I even fell asleep once during the early phase while listening to one of the tapes . . . It was like taking a break for 20 minutes and I could hear people say that I didn't notice several large contractions.

"This was a very different experience compared to [our first baby’s birth], where I had an epidural. The recovery has been much easier this time around as well. I will recommend your class to all expecting moms that I know. I felt this class really made me let go of fears and made me excited about the birth. I think the format of the class is great, a few classes and lots of practice at home. Thanks!"

Trusting My Body's Intelligence

Marguerite: "I had the labor and birth of my dreams. I labored for 3 hours before giving birth to our daughter, gently and peacefully in the bath tub . . . When K. was born, she was alert right away and began nursing within 10 minutes. She has been a very easy-going baby who seems quite happy to be here in this world.

"I found that this was a process that has little to do with the 'thinking' mind, as you explained in the class. It had everything to do with respecting and trusting my body's ancient intelligence, simply opening up and letting my body do its work.

"K.'s birth was the most beautiful, perfect, incredible experience of my life. So far, the only thing that compares to it is the experience of being K.'s mother."

We Love Reliving Our Birth Experience

Mindy & Craig: "Using Blissborn for our birth experience was one of the best decisions we ever made. Unlike most couples we've met who eagerly moved on from the pain or embarrassment of their birth experiences, we love reliving ours and remembering how connected we felt that day to our newborn son. The sense of calm brought about from using hypnosis was irreplaceable.

"As the laboring mother, I felt in control of the entire birthing process. My birth experience was quick, interesting, and virtually painless — so much so that I can't wait to do it again. I feel completely empowered with what my body accomplished on its own, without the aid of any intervention. On top of all that, our son is a remarkably calm baby, which we think had a lot to do with his relaxed entry into the world. Our advice to you is simply to believe you can do it, know that it works, and whole-heartedly enjoy the process of connecting these weeks of hypnosis study with the birth of your new baby."

I Worked on the Fear of Needles

Aubrey M.: "I already have my own wonderful experience as far as hypnosis . . . I worked on the fear of needles and giving blood. Even though I do not intend on having an IV in the hospital as part of my birth plan, I wanted to be able to handle it if needed. Just recently, I had to have my blood taken to check for glucose levels . . . Before I knew it, the process was complete. It was fast, I did not get anxious, and would welcome the next time I need to give blood. I had faith and confidence in knowing the hypnosis training would work just fine."

Helped Me Relax and Progress Quickly

Katy: "M. was born early this morning after a few hours of labor. I really felt that the class that we had with you and the practice that I did since really helped me to relax and progress so quickly ... [It was] an empowering, positive birth experience. Thank you for your help."

Truly an Amazing Experience

Nina: "I am excited to let you know that we had our baby... It was a beautiful, fast labor and I am now an advocate of Blissborn! I was so calm and relaxed that when I first went in they sent me walking with the option to go home for two hours. I walked for less than an hour and had a feeling I needed a room. While we were waiting for our room my water broke and in less than thirty minutes our newest addition A. was here...

"The team in OB triage called me a stop and drop. The birth was completely natural, not even an IV. The midwife, nurses and doctors were so amazed and asked me so many questions... I am recovering very quickly. Everyone can't stop talking about how calm A. is.

"Using hypnosis was truly an amazing experience."

Peaceful Yet Powerful Birthing Experience

Caroline & Jeff: "It was a beautiful and powerful experience ... I have my Blissborn classes to thank. I'm positive this was the reason behind my mostly comfortable time in labor land. Riding each contraction was actually comfortable, calm and extremely internal, and oftentimes I would snooze in between them. Jeff did an incredible job of holding that quiet space for me. Each time our midwife, Sonja, came by to check on me she was surprised that I was even dilating because of my relaxed state. From 7 to 9 1/2 centimeters, I labored in the tub and I could hardly call that 'laboring.' It was warm and weightless — offering me more awareness of my cervix opening ...

"Things became more intense as I moved from the tub to pushing on our bed. Baby and I worked really hard for about an hour — me pushing and baby shoving — to finally feel baby's head crowning and then the slippery slide of his body coming out. Jeff had the honor of cutting the cord. I feel blessed to have had such a peaceful yet powerful birthing experience."

Birthing is Easier Than I Thought

Shakti & Kevin: "[The class] helped me to find a place of deep relaxation during labor. I was able to focus on being calm and relaxed using the techniques I learned in class and birthed my first baby in six hours! The affirmation 'birthing is easier than I thought' not only kept me going during labor - it summarizes my amazing experience!"

On My Feet in No Time

Becky Roland: "The baby, apparently, had been listening every time I imagined labor while in hypnosis. He was in the perfect position with the umbilical cord well out of the way. His heart rate stayed strong, and his Apgar scores were excellent ... Hypnosis helped me remain calm the entire time and make the best decisions possible. And it helped afterwards with the recovery. I was on my feet in no time!"

Such an Amazing Help

Avery & Scott: "The training I had through the Blissborn class was such an amazing help. The doctors were worried each time I had a contraction since J.'s heart rate would drop drastically and a considerable amount of amniotic fluid would be released. By using the techniques I learned, I was able to control the contractions so that her heart rate was stable and no amniotic fluid was lost. During the chaos, I didn't think I would be able to deliver without medication, which was my original plan. Once I started to use the Blissborn techniques, I knew I would be able to get through it without the drugs and was able to deliver my baby girl all-natural. I only wish I had practiced more before I was in labor! Thank you for all that you did for our family!"

Gave My Husband a Role

A. & B.M.: "I would highly encourage any couple that is expecting to take this class. It gave my husband a role in the birthing process, a way to be helpful and keep the process moving smoothly. I would also recommend practicing every day no matter how busy you are because you will feel so much better afterwards as well."

Most Complete Birthing Program Using Hypnosis

Barbara Dailey, doctor of nursing and Blissborn educator: "The Blissborn program is medically accurate, beautifully designed and professionally written ... and full of vital information for parents. This is the most complete birthing program using hypnosis that I have ever seen. It is a joy to teach and offers the best option for families to experience birth in a gentle and meaningful way. Every mother deserves this training for her own well-being and every baby deserves this calm and loving way to enter the world."

Materials are All Excellent

Robin Younger, certified birth & postpartum doula: "As a birth doula I have had a number of clients who have taken Blissborn classes ... From my doula perspective the most valuable thing for pregnant women is gaining the ability to relax deeply and learning to 'go with' the process of labor and birth. Other benefits are the bonding that occurs between partners who go to class and practice together and the fact that personal empowerment is woven into the program from beginning to end. There is no question that my clients, their babies and partners who have taken these classes have benefited a great deal ... the tools and techniques, the CDs and reading materials are all excellent. I highly recommend!"