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If you're wondering what hypnosis sounds like, check out this recording.

Here you can find a sample hypnosis recording.


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Here you can find images from the Parent Manual. 

The 234-page Blissborn Parent Manual is packed with useful information. Follow the link to view sample pages on these topics:

  • How to increase your responsiveness to hypnosis
  • The partner's jobs
  • Questions to ask a prospective doula
  • Facing down fear
  • Back labor — preventing it and dealing with it
  • Labor and birth positions and practice
  • A packing list for your birth place
  • Anatomy of birth, including lots of illustrations
  • Stages of labor
  • How to have a great birth even if things don't go as expected
  • The Table of Contents

And this is just a small part of the list! When you take a Blissborn class, you'll also learn:

  • The Fear-Tension-Pain cycle (Blissborn breaks the cycle at all three points!)
  • Modern maternity care
  • Fun facts #7
  • Natural birth is safe birth
  • The scientific basis for getting the intellectual mind out of your labor
  • How to stay in the best state - physically and mentally - for a peaceful birth
  • Hormones in labor and birth
  • Becoming aware of positive and negative states
  • The nature of pain and the two ways to think about it
  • Five great ways to transform or eliminate pain in hypnosis
  • Other comfort measures
  • Orgasmic birth
  • Your Birth Preferences document
  • Getting evidence-based care as well as informed consent
  • Choices about your new baby
  • Kangaroo care and holding your new baby close