Blissborn Educator Manual 3.0


Blissborn Educator Manual 3.0

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This Educator Manual 3.0 goes with our newest updated parent materials. You must teach from this manual, and not the other — there are lots of changes! This is free for you with your first purchase or Parent Materials (you pay shipping).

Before your class starts, purchase one Parent Set for each mom who will attend. Parent Set includes our 246-page Parent Manual, a flash drive with class hypnosis audios plus “Time to Move" and our postpartum recordings, all handouts, 3 clothespins, a pen, two temporary tattoo sheets, and a canvas bag to hold everything. You may purchase additional bags and pens if desired. Save 10% on 6 or more sets!

You should buy parent materials for yourself too — in the Shopping Cart, use the code


to purchase just the Parent Manual at a reduced rate of $25,



to purchase one full Parent Set (all materials are stamped to show they are for your use only) for $45. These discounts are good for only one use per Educator at the time of Educator Manual shipping.

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Consider keeping one or two extra sets on hand for those last-minute signups!

Order 6 or more Parent Sets and receive 10% off! Use code "10off6" in your shopping cart to receive your discount.